Limited 10 Year Warranty

For Shower Doors, Exterior Railings, Interior Railings and other flat glass products

Congratulations on your decision to purchase DIAMON FUSION SHIELD glass protectant application. Your glass has been treated by a trained DIAMON FUSION SHIELD technician and has the industry’s best protectant ,repellant formulation. This treatment was created to form a covalent bond at the molecular level, creating a smooth barrier on the glass surface which improves the water-repellant properties.

DIAMON FUSION SHIELD creates a hydrophobic barrier that prevents contaminants from bonding to the and leaving behind stains and corrosion. An additional DIAMON FUSION SHIELD benefit is that makes the glass optically clearer, brighter and helps perfect the glass surface.

Because of these facts, DIAMON FUSION SHIELD, is proud to extend its “highest industry warranty” which is a “Limited 10 Year Warranty”. With normal use and NO HARSH CHEMICALS, we WARRANTY this product not to crack, chip, peel or yellow. DIAMON FUSION SHIELD will not detrimentally change the appearance, visual clarity or optical characteristics nor affect the glazing seals of the coated surface.

If this product fails to provide the quality protection explained above, your DIAMON FUSION SHIELD professional will reapply the product, and bring the glass surface back to its initial condition. Proof of purchase must be provided for this warranty to be enforced. The date of the invoice is the start of the ten year warranty period.

Maintenance that will increase the protective qualities and enhance performance:

While DIAMON FUSION SHIELD protects and coats the pores of the glass, some clients tend to leave their glass to “air dry”. This practice allows the water to evaporate and leave minerals and soap residue behind which dry ON THE COATING. This appears to make the glass surface look as though it has stained or corroded. This is not the case. In order to keep your glass surface looking clear and clean, it is recommended that the surface be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth periodically which removes this residue from the top of the coating.